We combine our knowledge of light, color, materials, merchandising and graphics with our understanding of customer behavior to create stores which feature our client’s products and keep customers coming back. Our work includes prototype design and roll-out production for numerous national clients and local businesses.


The Talbots, Inc.

Various Retail Locations Throughout the US

Group 7 Design provides services for Talbots free standing and mall retail locations throughout the country. Each project is tailored to its specific footprint and local code requirements.



Located at the intersection of two main corridors, the leased area was 50% storefront. The storefront’s transparency and fixture layout capture the customer’s attention. Merchandise is featured in small cases along the windows and taller back-lit cases along the full height walls beyond.



For more than 25 years, Group 7 Design has provided complete store planning services for over 500 FYE retail stores. Services include survey and as-built drawings, preliminary fixture layouts, production drawings, permit expediting, review of the construction exhibits to the lease, and coordination with the general contractor and landlord.



Group 7 Design created prototype design, production drawings and provided construction management services for more than 50 stores for this specialty retailer selling state-of-the-art hearing aid devices. We designed a contemporary and inviting space to engage the customer. Interactive displays, combined with sophisticated finishes and furnishings, were selected to appeal to the wide range of customer age groups that enter the store. Group 7 Design developed branding, graphics, fixtures, and venues.



United States, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom

Group 7 Design designed this 6,400 sq. ft. prototype Showcase store for Bose in partnership with Jordan’s Furniture. The store provides a unique shopping environment for audio/video equipment as well as home theater furnishings. Located adjacent to the Imax Theater, the store has significant foot traffic. The striking storefront entices potential shoppers. Once inside, the undulating soffits, simple graphics, store fixture system and surrounding theater rooms provide energy and excitement. We have also developed plans for more than 100 Bose Factory and Showcase Stores throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.



Cohasset, MA

Group 7 Design provided design/build services to renovate and expand this existing restaurant. The new façade fits in with the upscale New England seaside town. Our Designers and Construction Managers worked together to select materials that were cost effective, durable, readily available, and stylish. Group 7 Design guided this project through numerous Neighborhood and Planning and Zoning meetings.

Group 7 Design has supplied Talbots with full architectural design and construction services for our new store and renovation capital programs.
Talbots programs are nationwide and Group 7 Design has performed in the top tier of full service design firms across the board. Their professionalism, attention to detail, timeliness and adherence to standards are unmatched.

Group 7 Design has been able to meet and exceed all of Talbots expectations for over five years, all the while keeping our expectations and high standards as their priority. Their diligence and vast network of resources have saved Talbots time and money on multiple occasions. I look forward to working with Group7 Design on a continued basis as I am sure they will continue with excellence in their field.

Randall D. Osgood

Sr. Manager Store Planning and Construction, Talbots, Inc.

“I believe Group 7 Design would be a tremendous addition to any retailer’s store planning and construction team. Group 7 is committed to the customer’s needs and provides a full range of services to match the demands of any client. Group 7 is diligent, responsive, and knowledgeable in building codes and local construction practices through out the entire US market. Zounds Hearing attributes much of their success directly to the leadership exhibited by Group 7 Design.”

Tim Emery

Director of Construction, Zounds Hearing, Inc.

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