The Talbots, Inc.

Various Retail Locations Throughout the US

Group 7 Design provides services for Talbots free standing and mall retail locations throughout the
country. Each project is tailored to its specific footprint and local code requirements.

“Talbots programs are nationwide and Group 7 Design has performed in the top tier of full service design firms across the board. Their professionalism, attention to detail, timeliness and adherence to standards are unmatched.

Group 7 Design has been able to meet and exceed all of Talbots expectations for over five years, all the while keeping our expectations and high standards as their priority. Their diligence and vast network of resources have saved Talbots time and money on multiple occasions. I look forward to working with Group7 Design on a continued basis as I am sure they will continue with excellence in their field.”

Randall D. Osgood

Sr. Manager Store Planning and Construction, Talbots, Inc.