Children’s Aid & Family Service

Child Enrichment Center | Fitchburg, MA

Group 7 design transformed two separate buildings into a unified child enrichment center featuring child day care and family services offices. The site was designed to maximize open space and create a safe, intuitive layout for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The two buildings are joined by a covered walkway that passes between playgrounds. The main hallway joining preschool classrooms acts as a “Main Street” thoroughfare where parents, teachers and students can interact. Bright colors and custom murals line the walls. A way finding system consisting of color coded walls and floor patterns lead children to their appropriate classrooms.

“The Child Enrichment Center is a dream come true. Not only do we have a brand new, state-of-the-art facility,it is beautifully designed with an attention to detail in a uniquely creative, colorful way that energizes the children in an innovative learning environment.”

Dr. Holly Jarek

Vice President, Children’s Aid & Family Service