ARC of Massachusetts

Corporate Headquarters | Waltham, MA

Group 7 Design worked closely with the ARC of Massachusetts to design their new Corporate headquarters. The building is situated on an unconventional shaped lot that necessitated the angled orientation of the main building in order to maximize the building footprint. The two story tower serves as a focal point guiding people to the entrance and allowing natural light from high windows to flood the building interior. The space is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and flexible meeting spaces.

“I believe Group 7 Design would be a tremendous addition to any retailer’s store planning and construction team. Group 7 is committed to the customer’s needs and provides a full range of services to match the demands of any client. Group 7 is diligent, responsive, and knowledgeable in building codes and local construction practices through out the entire US market. Zounds Hearing attributes much of their success directly to the leadership exhibited by Group 7 Design.”

Tim Emery

Director of Construction, Zounds Hearing, Inc.

“The design of our new daycare center was perfect. Group7 Design gave us everything we needed. Both the teachers and the students loved our new classrooms.”

Karen E. Ludington, M.Ed.

J.D. Vice President, Children’s Friend, Inc.